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Charles Harth

Attorney at Law

Attorney Charles C. Harth brings over three decades of legal experience to represent people in all stages of their lives. As the owner and operator of a law firm for 34 years, Charles Harth’s knowledge and experience with cases, clients, and adversaries set him apart from other attorneys in Schaumburg, Illinois, Cook County, and DuPage County.

Previously, Attorney Harth worked with the State's Attorney Office and at a private practice. This prior experience gives him the expertise to solve problems from the right angle. His priority is helping people and his clients in every case, and he takes great pride in his practical approach.


The Full-Service Legal Counsel You Deserve

No matter what your issue may be, Attorney Charles C. Harth is committed to diligently guiding you through its challenges and seeking your desired outcome.

Dealing With
Construction Disputes

Projects and jobs in the construction industry can lead to conflict and disputes. This Schaumburg, Illinois attorney can help settle issues between contractors, subcontractors, real estate developers and look into claims of negligence and workplace injuries.

Taking Care of Your Family

Our attorney is here to help you protect your family in all stages of life. In the unfortunate circumstance that your marriage ends up not working out, he can help you reach an agreement on divorce, child custody, and maintenance.

Representing You After a Work Injury

Dealing with an injury that happened at work can be frustrating. This attorney can help you navigate filing a claim for your work injury.

Hurt on the Job?

No one should leave their place of work injured. Schedule your free consultation with Attorney Harth, and let him fight for your deserved compensation.