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Practice Areas

Construction Law

Disputes that occur between developers, homeowners, and contractors may require an attorney to mediate and help reach a practical solution.

Commercial Law

Our attorney takes your commercial and business disputes seriously, and he will advocate for your best interests with a practical, results-driven approach.

Family Law

When you need help with a family law issue, you need a compassionate advocate that makes sure all of the final decisions about your family are yours.

Workers' Compensation

Our attorney knows the ins and outs of filing a claim for worker’s compensation for your workplace injury, and he strives to help you get the compensation you deserve

Personal Injury

If you suffered an injury caused by another person or by the negligence of another entity, Attorney Harth aims to help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Traffic Law

If you got a traffic ticket or are facing a court appearance for a traffic incident, this experienced attorney can negotiate a settlement or request a dismissal.